St Francis Catholic Primary

St Francis Primary School

Snow Plan

The Head of School and Chair of Governors will make any decision to close the school in the event of severe weather conditions.  The emergency procedure outlined by RBWM will be followed and parents will be informed via the school website,, parentmail text messages and email if available.

The school closure will also be reported on the RBWM website, local radio stations and the website

The school website will be updated regularly with news for parents.  Where possible the school will open with a skeleton staff and will offer learning experiences to any pupil who can attend. This will not be the full curriculum entitlement but will enable children to be safe and supervised throughout the school day from 8.50am-3.05pm.

• Teaching and non-teaching staff who are able to travel to school will be asked to support the pupils

• Pupils will be taught in mixed age groups to ensure they can be adequately supervised. They may be in larger groups than normal if staffing levels are very low.

Children who do attend school will be asked to bring a packed lunch in case the catering staff cannot be on site.

• Parents who want to keep their children at home will be able to do so and their absence will be authorised whilst the severe weather continues.

• Emergency contact numbers will be checked as children are dropped at school and where parents have made arrangements to share responsibility with other parents, the school must be informed.

• Children should have warm clothing and strong footwear for the day.

• In the event that the weather conditions deteriorate suddenly during the school day, the Head of School will assess the risk and if necessary parents will be contacted and asked to make arrangements for their child to be collected early. This will be to ensure the safety of all pupils and staff on site.

• There will not be any after school clubs available when the emergency plans are in operation.

• Staff will not be expected to stay on site beyond 3.05pm

• A risk assessment will be carried out on the school site to determine whether or not the pupils will be able to go outside during the school day.

• Pupils who do not attend school will have work set via the school website and/or email as appropriate.