St Francis Catholic Primary

St Francis Primary School

Year 6

Class 6 were set the challenge of making models, games and word searches based on life in Ancient Egypt. Here are some of their projects. We set them up in class to allow their hard work to be shared and games played. Finally, the class evaluated the work on sticky notes for their history books.

We had a fantastic time at the Annual Dance Festival where we danced to Only Human by Rag and Bone Man. It was a dance based on the Berlin Wall and how people tried to escape to the other side. The finale was the falling of the wall with a message that it should never be built again.

BAD HAIR DAY - no explanation needed....


Class 6 held their own Paralympics to celebrate the games in Rio. They worked in pairs, trying to score goals with impaired sight. Listening to and trusting their partners was so important. Overall, over 10 goals were scored.  See pictures below: