St Francis Catholic Primary

St Francis Primary School

Year 5

Class 5 have had a lot of fun during their Forces topic this year! Anticipation soared around the classroom as the children wondered how buoyant their boats may be – Lily and Poppy’s boat managed to carry over 100 marbles!

‘Don’t crack the egg!’ After studying air resistance, class 5 were challenged with protecting an egg that would be hurled from the school building – could they create an air resistant parachute and protective case that may stop they egg from cracking….?

Class 5 to PGL! We had a wonderful two day experience at PGL in Lyddington -Jacob’s Ladder climbing, zip wiring, camp building, fire lighting, giant swinging, wacky racing, challenge coursing and Aeroballing – a plethora of reasons to keep smiling!

Bread Week! Local supermarket; Budgens tasked class 5 with creating and baking their own bread. This week long project culminated with each group presenting their bread to the ‘Budgens dragons.’ The winning group then sold their bread to the Ascot public – which group’s bread most impressed? Who forecasted the most profit? The answer: team ‘You Do Like That Bread,’ consisting of ZackP, CaitlinN, MariaM, Reuben SA, LilyE and NateH.

Class 5 travelled to Reading museum to take part in an action packed Victorian Day. The students were transported back in time to become Victorian students; where teachers were strict and the cane ruled all. After lunch, the class sampled life as a servant at the Nethercot’s stately home. I do not think Mrs Nethercot’s bloomers have looked so clean!

The class dressed up as their favourite book character during ‘World Book Day,’ 2017.