St Francis Catholic Primary

St Francis Primary School

School Meals Information

Key Stage 1 children are currently entitled to a Universal Infant School Meal each day they are at school.  St Francis pays our catering company and is then reimbursed by the Government.

Key Stage 2 children may order a school lunch at a cost of £2.40/day.  Payment for school lunches should be made in advance via ParentMailX. Lunch balances can be topped up at any time, but there is a minimum payment of £10.00.

Your child may be eligible for a FREE school meal and additional benefits such as learning support in class and other targeted activities agreed with the school through the Pupil Premium Programme.  This applies to ALL children irrespective of the Universal Infant School Meal programme.  If you think your child might be eligible please read the attached notice or speak to the school office in confidence.

Free School Meal Information